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Why are healthy food & medicine seen as rivals?!


There has always seemed to be a rivalry between “modern medicine” and “healthy eating”, or as I like to call them both, “medicine”!😋

It looked to me for a long time as if the doctors said one thing but disregarded it’s whole other meaning. For example, being told to Avoid certain foods if you have particular ailments such as Crohn’s disease/colitis yet when asked what foods would Improve these symptoms being then told that foods won’t improve it, even though foods can aggravate it.
And vice versa! The natural health side saying “Food can help improve functions, medicine will only solve the surface of the issue and cause damage to other organs that need to flush that medicine out”

Now, I’m hugely aware that everything in life is not as straightforward as that! Things are not as clean cut in to their own little boxes! Everything affects everything!!

So, if food has the properties to aggravate an ailment and worsen it’s symptoms, surely there’s a food that can do the opposite, and if medicines fix one thing but damage another surely there’s foods that can replenish that too, that’s the nature of life, of naturally occurring things,every dysfunction has and equally occurring function, yin & yang, light & dark, up & down, ebb & flow, nettles & dock leaves for heaven’s sake!!!!


I am finally seeing the medicine side closing this gap. The new generation of doctors have a Huge understanding of nutrition, of how the properties of certain foods can promote healing and correct function of specific organs. I witnessed this when my brother had open heart surgery. Heart disease runs in my family. My mother also had open heart surgery even though she literally never smoke or drank a day in her life, still doesn’t. All her siblings, bar one, had heart disease. So there is a genetic predisposition there. How that manifests is individual, and food intake can definitely have effects on How medication functions in your body! Like if you’re​ taking blood thinners you should limit garlic as this has blood thinning qualities, which just shows how important it is to understand how the food we eat interacts with our bodies. When my mother had her surgery, she was given a list of foods to avoid. When my brother had his surgery several years later, his surgeon explained to him what to avoid and why, and what foods to eat and why, in great detail.

My own gp falls in the middle. He has old school training but is very open-minded​ and willing to learn. He has been my gp all my life and we have a great repore, I can be completely honest with him. Apart from pregnancy, I’ve only needed​ to visit him for 4 things in the last ten years, early Menopause (also hereditary. Dr visits are just to keep record of progression & hormonal changes, no treatment. Raspberry leaf tea can help though!), back issues caused by hypermobility, to get stitches and for a chest infection.

Let’s start with the chest infection. All throughout my teenage years, right up until I got pregnant with my daughter when I was 21, I had persistent, recurrent respiratory tract infections, either in my chest, tonsils, sinus…One time I got strep throat so bad it went down into my lungs, I was out of school for weeks, went to 5&a half stone because I couldn’t eat with all the blisters in my mouth and throat.

“But wait, weren’t you already a vegetarian in your teenage years? Doesn’t all the health gurus say vegetarianism is hella healthy?!”

Yes, yes they do folks. But not if you vegetarian the way teenage me vegetarianed 😂😂 Frozen pizza, packets of dried “just add water” pastas & soups, chippers, lots of junk & more junk, sweets, minerals, crisps, chocolate, too much coffee for a teen, and so on and so forth… I became anemic at few points and Dr gave me iron tablets which made me have the hardest blackest shits you’ve ever seen in your life. I didn’t enjoy that, so went to my pal’s health shop as an older teen , like 18 and he suggested adding Quorn foods to my food intake because they have good levels of protein and iron, almost all of a woman’s protein needs in some of the servings, and I did. Fruit being the only real, from nature, food that I ate​ regularly. And while even world renowned gold medalist athletes will also bought for the helpful qualities of these products, the issue is the if you’re​not eating fresh food with the right nutrients to help you absorb the protein etc from the Quorn then you may as well be eating cardboard, you’re not getting all the benefits.

Once I fell pregnant, I couldn’t run to the Dr for an antibiotic Everytime I felt unwell, I knew it wasn’t good for the baby. So I started researching all sorts of alternative medicines, some of which I still find useful, but it really hit me then that I didn’t really eat food, I ate stuff processed in a factory that masquerades as food 😮 Could that be providing enough nutrition to grow a baby? Oh shit!!!

I began cooking from fresh, alongside my partner and together we’ve grown into really competent chefs,Everyone loves our food. Even the ones who don’t like textures can tell you my food is beautiful because they adore my soups. Better than some restaurants 😋

And guess what? The multiple chest infections a year went away. Over the years I’ve gotten colds and flus like anyone does, but they have passed with lots of water and rest and raw crushed garlic. Only once in the ten years have I had to run to the Dr for an antibiotic, and the reason is I forgot to look after myself. I got lethargic and ate shit food for a while and then when the dose came I didn’t up the water, rest & garlic. And then I suffered the consequences, I taster of my past, that awful illness induced weakness where you can literally not get to the loo without someone helping you up off the couch/bed where you have been comatose! I experienced that so much in my youth.

And my doc completely recognises the connection between me eating better and living better. He knows that now I’ve seen there’s other options besides medications like anti biotics or pain killers, that they are not what I rely on, but will not deny them when my body just can’t recover alone right now!! This is what irks me about ” health gurus “. They boast that if you do this that and the other Everything will always be perfect. It won’t Always be, life don’t work that way. Yes, there will be less suffering but life will still happen, things will still arise, you just cope differently. Eating better allowed my body to get sick less often, when it lost that support it got sick and didn’t have the fuel to repair so I got help, which allowed me the energy to build back up my good eating habits. And I didn’t relapse and need antibiotics a few weeks later like I did in my teens!


Then there’s the back example… I’ve had all sorts of back pain since I had the children, but I used pilates during my second pregnancy and it helped so much. Will it help everyone? No. Nothing helps everyone, even penicillin causes allergic reaction in 10% of the population. Every body functions slightly different, fitting with your genetic make up and your lifestyle. When I went to Dr because at this moment pilates was not working, chiropractor was giving immediate relief only with the pain lapsing back after treatment, and my doc explained that with hypermobility, ligaments are loose, so things will fall out of line easily, but also pop back in easily on their own or sometimes with help, but that the main help to this is exercises. “But I do Pilates!” Certain exercises are good for everyone else but not for hypermobility!!! Wowser, hear was I thinking any exercise is good, but some were loosening me too much. He also explained that specific exercises Will help, and Will decrease pain and incidents of injury, but that it’s a life long thing, the muscles need to be trained in a certain way to help them compensate for the loose ligaments, and that the main problem with all back problems is that patients do not do the exercises but that he knew I would because I don’t want to be dependent on pain meds! He did give me pain meds, which I used in the immediate to alleviate pain, but am very sporadic in my use of. The reason being, I feel like if the pain is masked I’ll move too freely and damage more rather than being aware of the pain and moving within comfortable limits and rebuilding strength safely. Also the anti inflammatory I am the same with, I eat a lot of curcumin based spices which are natural anti inflammatorys, so I’m sketchy about the tablets in case they make me too loose. But if I’m in agony and the physio suggested exercise is not working then on occasion, maybe once in 5 or 6 months I take a pain killer.

I know it sounds like I’m digressing, but I’m not. The whole point of this is to show that everything is relative, different combinations work for different people at different points of their life. And doctors&medicine are not the devil if you work with them honestly. And if you’ve an argumentative Dr that doesn’t work with You then change doctors.


When I sliced my finger open on glass, it cut through a little vein, I grabbed it& ran inside and when I relieved the pressure it was oozing blood on a way I’ve never seen, like a long thick ribbon spilling out of a magicians finger. I got my partner to pour tumeric spice into the cut. It took an entire one of those little packets to make it stop bleeding, but it did. It’s like it cauterized the wound. I went around my gp, the nurse rinsed the finger off, and it didn’t begin to bleed. She couldn’t believe it, she just kept holding my hand and looking at it, baffled that it wasn’t spilling blood. Dr came in to stitch it up, and the nurse held my hand up to his face with both her hands saying ” Look at, it’s not bleeding! How is that possible, I’ve never seen it. Know what she did, out TUMERIC in it,have you ever heard the likes!”. Dr took my hand & studied my finger, then chuckled and said “Well now, I’ve heard tumeric is great for heart functions but I’ve never heard of putting it in wounds! We might make a fortune out of you and your tumeric idea,hahaha”. My neighbor was with me in the doctors, she witnessed all of this, took the pics of my little carrot finger 😂

My point in all these examples is that everything is relative. Holistic means all inclusive. It does not mean you must be one side or the other, “modern medicine” or “natural medicine”, I feel it means you should just be on the side of health!
Take note of your body, how it functions after indulging in different foods, and take notice of how stress affects you, how relaxation affects you.

If you’re “into natural health” that doesn’t mean you’ve failed if at any stage you’re out of balance and need the help of medicine to get back level, and in the same breath being into “modern medicine” doesn’t mean denying the affects food, activity and mental health has on your physical health!!

Food is good, medicine is also good, both have their place. It doesn’t have to be perceived as “either/or”, it is simply “what works best for your body right now”.

Til next time,
Mai. Xxxxx 😘

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Periods, Pregnancy, Menopause & Chocolate…

I am bleeding from my vagina as I write this.
Wombs are absolute fuckin dickheads. There I said it. Chocolate makes it somewhat bareable.

Ok, ok, I know!!! Wombs are amazingly wonderful things that can create life. Magical mystical organs. But also they can create so much unequivocal pain & discomfort! And we women, whether it’s menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, the Aftermath of childbirth or menopause, keep it too ourselves. Many women wouldn’t even vocalise the full extent of the horrors to their female friends when, let me tell you, they Already know because they too have wombs.

Fully healthy wombs that function “correctly” for whatever stage of life your at cause physical and emotional annoyance & discomfort at regular intervals. Wombs that have Any kind of dysfunction cause even more!
So all your gal friends know, it’s not a secret, why do we treat it like a secret!??

For over a year now I’ve been diagnosed as being in premature perimenopause (the actual Change, what most of us refer to simply as menopause). In that time all my hormone checks say yup, menopausal. I didn’t bleed for 6 long months. I thought I was in the home stretch of the year of no bleeding it requires to be classed as having gone Through menopause. Then just before Christmas I started getting sporadic bleeding, every 2 weeks for a few weeks, then none for several weeks, back every two weeks for several weeks, gone again for several weeks. Cue a whole new set of tests to see why!

I am currently bleeding. It feels quite reminiscent of the first few hours of childbirth, painful as fuckin sin!!!
I eat a lot of foods that are menopause appropriate, so I’m all over it, most of the time I’m symptom free, with the occasional mood swing which always shows me something of myself, it’s like a cleansing burst of energy.
But when I bleed, wow, each one is worst than the last.
I’ve tried painkillers, they make me groggy & nauseous, so I stick with menopause appropriate foods. Tumeric is a wonderful antiinflammatory and most often does the job quite well. I make hot milk and add tumeric, cinnamon and ginger, all of which are great pain relievers. Chocolate also releases happy hormones so can give relief. Of course the darker the chocolate the better but right now I’m shoving a Cadbury Whole Nut bar in my face so that will suffice!!


Unfortunately, sometimes nothing works. Like now. And I feel like I would happily pull my own womb out through my fanny. Throw it in the bin. Walk away with what I imagine would be the same kinda relief you get after having a baby. All the heavy aching ouchy horribleness just instantly disappearing. If only!!!!

So that’s my experience of hereditary premature peri-menopause, shit right now, fine most of the time 😂😂

Here’s some of the natural things that I find most useful for womb related stuff 😉:

*Raspberry leaf tea(do not use during pregnancy)
*Chamomile tea
*Lavender (tea or in a diffuser)

Raspberries & raspberry leaf tea support uterine health & function. The tea is not to be used in pregnancy as it softens the cervix & can induce premature labour.
Chamomile & lavender are effective counters for hormone induced sleeplessness , mood swings & depression.
Finally tumeric, ginger & garlic, which are all natural antiinflammatories & painkillers which can alleviate cramps or menstrual tension headaches.

Now, off you go to carry on living with the silent torment we women are never supposed to talk about, bloody wombs 😉😉

Til next time,
Mai. Xxxxx 😘

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I Didn’t Shave My Legs Today……


I didn’t shave my legs today…
*Everyone: “Who gives a fuck, (most) men don’t shave their legs Everyday!?!”
In Western culture, there’s all these random gender rules we adhere to, and today as I showered I had a “Hang on, fuck this actual shit!” moment!! Let me enlighten you 😁😁😁
At 10 yrs old I started to get noticeable hairs on my legs. I vividly remember one day in the schoolyard, me and two of the boys comparing leg hair. I wasn’t participating happily mind you. The two lads were comparing their newly grown prepubescent leg hair, I happened to be sitting there, and subsequently the boys noticed my hairy legs dangling out from beneath my school skirt. They commented on how my legs were as hairy as theirs. And genuinely, these guys meant nothing by it, it was a childish observation, but my already female conditioned mind set off alarm bells!!! My legs are hairy?! But all the ads on TV have ladies legs all lovely and smooth!!! Young ladies should have silky smooth legs, not big furry man legs!!! I asked my mother, who was 10-15yrs older than most of my peers’ parents, could I shave my legs please? Nope. Not a hope, she wouldn’t have it. My mother is blessed with the most gorgeous, smoothest skin, like porcelain, practically no body hair, fair eyebrows, always looked pristine but yet never ever wore any make up. In my young mind it was clear that she just couldn’t comprehend the utter shame and mortification of having loads of dark hair on your female little legs!!! It never occurred to me that she felt it was just a pointless effort. So I just wore my knee socks higher to hide my “man legs”!!
Skip to secondary school. The Uber fashionable time of glitter eye shadow and ironing​ your hair with a literal clothes iron!! Keeping up with the Jones’ was a survival tool, you dont keep up and it Will be pointed out. All girls schools were(probably still are) difficult places to have to spend your fragile youth. I feel like Tina Fey hit the nail on the head in Mean Girls, with girls there’s a whole other secret universe of rules and regulations we put upon ourselves and feel you have to adhere to.
My time in secondary school, there felt like so many things to live up to, acceptable hairstyles, certain ways of plucking your eyebrows, fashionable clothes, and it’s the same now but even more so. I can tell you right here and now that I rarely met those guidelines. I had  to sneak my Dad’s razors to shave my legs because as I said I wasn’t Allowed shave til I was 15 & my mother finally gave in and bought me my own razors.
I continued through school, went to college, finished that, had my children and here we are now at 31. All those years I’ve shaved my legs, my pits, my bikini line cuz I can’t tolerate the pain of waxing, and ive plucked my eyebrows. Some days I wear mascara but no other make up. My hair is in a messy bun 80% of the time, down&natural wavy mess 15% of the time and the last 5% is divided between straightened or curled hair, ya know, when I’m being fancy, for an event like 😉
If there’s an event, like a wedding or a christening or something where there’s going to be loads of pics and my ego takes the fore, I would wear a bit of foundation too, go all out ya know!! From the ages of 18-20yrs I had a lot of black eyeliner going on, and wings baby, wings! But for the last good long time, bar the odd lick of cheap mascara, ive been bareface all the way. This has graduated into also not plucking my eyebrows. It wasn’t a conscious decision, I just couldn’t find my tweezers for like ever and the brows filled in and I thought fuck it! They weren’t bothering me unplucked, so hurray….One less thing to bother with, the lazy bitch’s dream!
Then, while showering today, I had a thought as I rinsed the conditioner from my hair. The next steps were going to be wash my body then reach for the razor. Having been a secret shaver in my adolescence, as aforementioned, I’m not a daily shaver anyway. There’s a good two weeks growth there. The thought was “Why bother? Ya haven’t bothered with your eyebrows & the world didn’t fall apart, your legs & pits & bits have been progressively​ becoming more forest like over the last fortnight (slight exaggeration!) and yet I’m still female, I’m still fucking gorgeous, a sexy momma! I’m still an artist, I’m still an author, I’m still a creator, a parent, a chef, a gardener, a hippy, a nerd, a bookworm, I’m everything I’ve ever been, there’s just more hair on me, hair that I can’t feel, that doesn’t disrupt my day, my life, my creativity, I feel exactly the same with or without hair, only less ingrown hairs when I HAVE hair!!!!!
Men can shave their face or grow a beard and either is fine but if a female gets facial hair and doesn’t remove it then it’s a thing!
Men can pluck their eyebrows or not pluck their eyebrows and either is fine, but if women don’t then it’s a thing.
Men can shave their legs or not, either is fine, if women don’t then it’s a thing.
Men can shave their armpits or not, if women don’t, it’s a thing.
Men can groom their pubes or not and either is fine but if a female goes au natural it’s a thing!
Men can go barechested and it’s fine, a woman breastfeeds and the world fucking ends, she’s rude/bad somehow.
Men fuck who they like & they are legends, women fuck who they like and they are sluts.
Men who only have sex for love are good guys, women who only have sex for love are frigid for not being looser.
The list goes on.
Men have their own woes, I’m aware. I know there’s a certain ideal of man that is projected onto men. Their emotions are ridiculed, they’re expected to be consistently brave or some other silly masculine shit they’re expected to live up to.
I remember a story about a man with a beard (can’t remember who!) being asked “Why do you grow a beard?” and he replied “The beard just grows, I do nothing. If you want answers ask the one who Shaves his beard, he has given it more thought than I.” As I decided not to reach for the razor, it was because I realised that I honestly don’t care enough about the hair to remove it. It doesn’t bother me, I don’t even know it’s there. The only time it’s an issue to me is when I think “oh shit someone might see my hairy legs” and honestly how ridiculous are we to think anybody genuinely cares deeply about whether or not your legs or pits are hairy!!!
I know my partner doesn’t care if my legs are hairy or not, I don’t think he’s ever given a glance to my armpits, boys don’t notice eyebrows, and they honestly don’t care if your minge is hairy or not once their getting the leg over, ya know what I mean like?! And guess what, if someone Does find you less attractive because you have or haven’t got hair on any part of you then here’s a secret, they don’t fucking like you!!! They like the idea of you, the aesthetic you present, but they don’t love You.
Body hair also serves a purpose, so why do I remove it simply for a thought in my head, a thought that some person that’s not me might see my hairy legs or hairy pits or fluffy eyebrows and They might have a thought in Their head about how my legs are hairy, a thought that they will disregard completely as soon as they can’t see or just forget about my hairy legs or pits! Do you see what I mean? I undertook this long-term hair removal habit because it was the social norm, not because I personally​ gave any shits. What message does that sent my daughter? That to feel attractive she Must remove a naturally occurring feature of her body just because everyone else her gender does?! I don’t like that message​. I know now that my mother was trying to instill the same thing, natural is perfectly acceptable, but in 90s Ireland there was not much conversation about body consciousness or things like that. Ya got yes or no answers from your parents, you weren’t graced with an explanation! When I was what she considered too young I was not allowed to shave or wear makeup, when I was old enough I was allowed, simple! There was no conversation with my mother nor in the public spectrum about how these things were a Choice not a “necessary norm”, do you get me. The only thing ever said was don’t wear too much make up or you’ll look like a prostitute​. Social perception was and still is that women should be well turned out within certain standards, slight variations of that can be considered eccentric or funky but go beyond that and you’re either a “bra burning make-up-less non-smiling feminist” or the other end of the spectrum a “slut”. Which by the way is more shameful if you’re a women. Gigilos are just something we joke about, it’s fine! But a hooker? Bitch must be crawling!
Maybe embracing my body completely as au naturale will instill that message in my daughter too, that you don’t have to be any specific way. Sure, she’ll Probably go through the youthful super eyeliner phase like her mammy, and that will be ok too, because she can be whoever and however she wants. Currently it takes huge persuasion to even get her to brush her hair, so perhaps she’ll be even more au naturale ​than me and end up with natural dreads, who fecking knows. All I hope is that the choice is for herself and not for what she thinks people will think.
And as for me, for now I think I’ll break the gender stigma and resign the razor, maybe for good, put it up on the shelf alongside the makeup & tweezers! And that’s fine. The world still turns.
Mai xx💕
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To The Woman Who Said Pregnancy Isn’t Miraculous…

Pregnancy, labour, childbirth, & miscarriage…
Recently you may have seen the article from Naomi Schaefer Riley of The New York Post in which she states that pregnant women are not Goddeses and should not be revered or venerated for their body “just doing what its supposed to!”, that pregnancy is the furthest thing from a miracle that you’ll ever find. To this woman I say a big fat FUCK RIGHT OFF! Yes each and every pregnant woman is a walking miracle, deal with it. Like seriously, what happened in your life that you cannot see the beauty & divinty in such a thing? This is so sad to me. The fact that a seed can turn into a tree is a miracle too. As is the fact that trees create air for us to breathe. The fact that our planet sustains the perfect conditions that mean ANY kind of life can exist here is a miracle, its all miraculous.

She also states that we all don’t understand what “miracle” actually means, because don’t you know she’s the only one who understands words and is completely qualified therefore to tell us whether or not we are understanding words correctly.

I have pictured the Oxford dictionary’s definition of a miracle. Even going by the first definition, pregnancy is still a miracle. Yeah, sure, we know sperm hits egg and then given all the right factors it grows into a human. Or if its animals then it grows into an animal. If a seed is pollinated it will grow into a plant. Sure, we “know” the steps scientifically, that this occurs. But why it occurs, that is a miraculous mystery. Have you seen a video of a seed sprouting & growing? Its phenomenal, its something that was not there before appearing. But its also made up of everything that ever was, That’s a fucking miracle! “We are stardust” and all that jazz!


Does anyone else love Call The Midwife? Most Sunday evenings I usher the children upstairs at 7.55pm so I can sit down and watch it. Each episode reminds me in its own way how miraculous it really is that my children magically are here, through all the odds that pregnancy brings, they are here!

When I became pregnant with my first child, my daughter, I didn’t know what to expect. Nobody does the first time. I bought all the books, read all the mommy forums, compared baby products, looked at birthing videos. I suffered Hyperemisis Gravidarum , in other words I puked for 9months solid. I was hospitalized several times, dehydrated, feeling half dead, and yet the body continued to perfectly grow a human. I gave birth to her in a perfect, uncomplicated vaginal birth. When she was 4months old I fell pregnant again, with my son. I also had hyperemisis during that pregnancy, though thankfully it eased somewhat around the 8th month. I am rhesus negative, for those of you that don’t know what that is, here’s a diagram!!


Basically, you’re ok in your first pregnancy carrying a positive blood baby, but subsequent positive blood babies are a bit trickier. Your body develops antibodies to the positive blood after giving birth and can then attack the second pregnancy. There is an “anti-d” injection you are given after the birth to try to assure this doesn’t happen. But the injection is not fool proof…
In my second pregnancy, they found 0.04something antibodies in my bloods. My doctor said this was very low levels and would not usually have been brought to her attention but as it had that we would treat it with the same severity as full blown rh-sensitization. This means extra ante-natal visits. The pregnancy progressed problem free, with the exception of the hyperemisis. It was insisted upon that I have labour induced in case the placenta failed, which happens in rh-sensitized pregnancies. I gave birth, with difficulty. My son was head first, yes, but he was facing the wrong way. They had to cut me, a lot, and help him out with forceps. They put him on my chest for a moment and then whisked him over to clear his airways, which I know now was a sign that perhaps the placenta wasn’t in great shape. When it came time to deliver the placenta it didn’t come. When I gave birth to daughter the placenta slid out like jelly/jello. A big perfect sphere. The midwife rummaged through it, telling us it was a placenta to be proud of, absolutely flawless…..but not this time.
This time they sewed up my perenium, then whisked me off to surgery, where a surgeon shoved her ENTIRE HAND into my womb and pulled out the placental shards (I don’t actually know if it was literally her entire hand, but it felt like it was, and seemed like it was, and forever in my memory Shall be her entire hand).


Happy ending, there’s not a bother on him!! Hes almost 8years old and hes the best boy in the world. My point is, I did the right thing in both pregnancies and they had completely different outcomes. And when my children were 3 & 4years old, I fell pregnant again. Firstly, let me say, I was terrified at the prospect of a third kid. To all you parents of more than two kids, Well fricking done! How do you have time to even formulate a thought, you absolute hero!!

Well, I had done all the right things, had the anti-d after my son’s birth, went to the doctor very early in this 3rd pregnancy so it could be well monitored. At 8weeks I had bleeding…anyone who has been pregnant for any amount of time will tell you that this is the most horrific emotional feeling. Your baby is inside you and you cannot protect it, what a fucking mindfuck! I was sent for an internal ultrasound, all was well, the pregnancy was “viable”. This was Nov. Because the 12week mark fell over Christmas, my 12week hospital check up & ultrasound happened when I was 15weeks and 5 days pregnant, in Jan. I went through all the motions at the appointment, had midwives take my blood pressure, test my urine, check all the things, and each one commented on my file saying “wow you lost lots of blood in your last delivery”. Turns out 500cc is the highest blood loss in a vaginal birth and I lost way more than that. But I digress…it came to the last part of the appointment, where you meet a doctor from your team of doctors, one of which will supposedly deliver your baby (which rarely happens). She checked over everything again, all happy and chipper, commenting on how this was my third so I’ll sail through it all. She told me to get up on the bed. She continued chatting while she put the cold gel on my belly and began the scan.

Lets take a moment to remember that I was 15 weeks & 5 days pregnant, and having had 2 children, I knew that the ultrasound screen should be full with a very obvious baby figure….but this was not the case..there was an almost baby-like splodge, like what you would see in a ten week scan, but distorted. This young doctor nearly died in the spot, this clearly being the first time the so called “non-miracle” had not gone to plan of her appointments! She ran out to get a grown-up doctor. This next doctor was wonderful. She walked in like a calm breeze, took one look at the screen, looked at me and said “You have two children?” I blankly replied yes, absolutely shellshocked, blank expression eyes looking but no longer seeing,the whole world was on pause. She continued, “Then you know what you should see at this point of the pregnancy…” Again, I replied simply “Yes”.
She said more things, they were perfect in the moment, kind but not pitying. She empowered me by reminding me how lucky I was to have successfully had two children, that now I can see how precious and miraculous their existence is. A DOCTOR said these things. She sees it everyday. She is not desensitized to the wonder.
Our third baby had died at about 12weeks into the pregnancy. This is called a missed or silent miscarriage. The baby dies but the body continues on as if the pregnancy is progressing. Even the fundus continued to grow weekly. When a miscarriage is silent, the body begins to break down the pregnancy and absorb it, excuse the description but this is how the doc described it to me. I was given medication to induce miscarriage and that took weeks to pass.


Long story short, awful experience, but one that opened my eyes to how absolutely, positively astounding it is that any one of us came to be! How tragic it must be for those that want a child and all the factors just don’t come together. How arrogant and completely blind of this woman to state that pregnancy and childbirth is anything less than an amazing, wonderful miracle. And just to throw into the mix, I think Beyonce looked stunning at the grammys, and basically this entire article is based on an argument which arose from being pissed off that a pregnant woman had the audacity to allow herself be styled in glitz and rock a performance, which is her Job by the way, this writer wrote about how it is glorifying pregnancy in a way that “only your husband should glorify”. I mean, get a grip. She did her fucking job, she happened to look fabulous doing it. And that’s ok. She, like many women, is proud and amazed at what her body can do and is doing and feels the need to document that, why is that wrong? We all know shes not fabulous at home. At home shes makeup off, hair up messy, in pjs or slouchy soft clothes like all women preggers or not!! So stop berating a person for enjoying and embracing the wonder of life!

That’s my two cents!
Til next time,

Mai. xxx 💗🙏😘👸💗

Do It For You….

Hello & welcome back to Mai Holistic Life.

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been incredibly busy. I have written a book, and had to give my energy to that for a while, and then my brain needed time to relax!


So, with the book in mind, I want to talk about how important it is to just go for your goals.

We all have at least ONE thing that we have always wanted to attempt but haven’t, be it fear of failure, fear of judgement, feeling you don’t have enough money, whatever the reason there are many of us who hold back on our ambitions.

What I have learnt is that this holding back comes from a lack of self worth. You may say “Hang on, no! I love myself, I care about myself” , but if something in you feels like it’s not allowing you to approach something, that comes from fear and most fear of the new comes from not thinking you are capable of achievement.

Now, I am a real live human person, I am not rich by any means, we live humbly like most people. My neighbours & I have that lovely old fashioned community where if anyone is short between now & pay day we will give each other a dig out, or do a mini “shop” from eachothers larders, lol! I get that not every one has extra money lying around to put into projects, or travels, because I Am that person. Anything beyond the normal weekly budget of food, rent & amenities gets saved for. The children have everything they need of course, brand new and hand-me-down clothes for their constant growing bodies, the healthiest of foods, toys, educational tools, books etc, while I still have clothes that are older than the children!!


I too for a long time thought this inevitably meant that I was stuck between a rock & a hard place, forever damned to wonder how I could get the money to try the things I like, to experience things I had not yet experienced. Somewhere along the way that perception changed.

Since time began there has been duality, good occurrences & bad occurrences, yin & yang. But with communication have such immediacy nowadays with the internet, we See so much more detail of these things. And that affected me. I felt guilty for feeling lacking when.I have a roof & food & clothes & safety. How can I feel SO hard done by?!

Then I looked at life and realised that even in the moments of struggle that life was always in a constant state of motion. Like when someone near to you dies and the world feels surreal because it still turns without their presence, there is always motion. And within this motion, everything always works out, even if we don’t understand it in the moment.

I have always loved to create, but was too afraid to allow my creations become manifest in case someone thought they were shit, I loved reading books but was too ashamed to put my own thoughts on paper. Fear of failure & judgement. And then, of course sure I don’t have the money to put into these projects. Surely it’s a lost cause!!

No paint brushes? Get inventive! I used cotton wool buds for this painting a few yrs ago!

Having the kids, I encouraged creativity&art, interacting with musical instruments in a completely playful relaxed non teachy way. And it splarked my love of creation again. Ive created all sorts, drawings, paintings, articles, my book, I’ve sewn teddys from scratch, I’ve upcycled and altered clothes,made bags, and still felt like oh I don’t have anything of any worth here.

I learnt how to make jewellery, which cost nothing as it was an internship. And then I realised, wow if I can do this so competently so early on then clearly there Is some creative skill.
My friend wrote 52 books in one & encouraged me to do the same, showing me all the free publishing avenues, because as I said, Money!!! I started this blog first, to find my voice, to see did anyone want to hear what I had to say. And yes,while there’s been lovely feedback, I KNOW theres only about ten of you that actually read it! But I kept doing it, because I found it so enjoyable, and such a learning experience that I couldnt get enough of it. I’ve since written for , Holistic Parenting Magazine, Atlantis Eire Celtic Spirit Magazine, and then I said screw it, I’m going to write the book.

I didnt really believe I would, but the minute I put pen to paper it felt the same as when I put a needle & thread through material, I couldn’t stop until the piece was finished,complete, good enough that I dont cringe looking at it!! And then, all of a sudden I had a complete book. A printed book in hands. And I looked at all the art I’ve created. The costumes. The jewellery cutting skills. All without any of this huge money thought I’d need.

I’m still not rich, we still “get by” in the exact same manner, monetarily nothing has changed. But internally EVERYTHING changed. I see the value in it all. And none of us are getting out of here alive, we cannot bring money to wherever our energy goes next, but we CAN leave behind something. We can leave beautiful art, stories, movies, inventions, culture, knowledge.


So do it. Just fucking do it. See like a child, remember & realise that the world is at your feet!


Can’t afford to travel to a different country,to see the world? Guess what, your country or wherever you are right now is part of the world too!! Go down the road, go to somewhere rural,experience the different terrains & people near by!! Can’t afford art supplies then improvise! Have something to say? Write it down, publish it for free. So fucking what if only one person goes “wow thats amazing”, even if NOBODY cares do it anyway.

Do it for you.

Do it to leave something of beauty to the world.

Til next time,

Lots of love,

Mai. xxxx 💗

Living With Chronic Back Pain Holistically!

Living With Chronic Back Pain

Welcome fellow Wellness Warriors! In this blog, I want to speak about chronic back pain. It is something I have lived with for almost half of my life!

When we see holistic articles, we see happy, agile, beautiful shiny representation of life, and while that is great for those whom are blessed enough to experience this world untouched by physical misfortune, there are many of us seated on the other side of the fence, with health issues present, either temporarily or long term. So, while I apply natural methods to everything first & foremost, there still are occurrences in the body that are less than shiny & beautiful! Like, even the shiny perfect have to shit, am I right?!?! 🙂 

And let me say, even shitting is something I am grateful for, because tou may be unaware but some people have issues with their shits!! There’s always something to be grateful for, even if it’s just being able to shit! 
But I digress!!!! Holistic means all inclusive, the good the bad and the ugly, everything is in there. So as I said, great to see perfectly healthy, happy, financially sound people living holistically, but what us normals, also living holistically but perhaps not as shiny!!! I am a normal, I’m not rich, I am a mother, my house is perfect on occassion but usually littered with the evidence of the children I have spawned, and I have a shitty back that hurts constantly. There, it’s been admitted. 
I’m a holistic momma with a dickhead of a spine! Ok, it holds me up still, which I’m massively thankful for, but my god is the pain unbelievable. As a family, we are well. There is the occasional cold, that passes well with natural remedies, there more recently was the first ever anti biotic given to one if the kids for a uti that wasnt clearing followed by the first penicillin allergy rash which was treated with natural antihistamine(thats another story for another blog), but on the whole we are well, we eat well, and anything that comes up is dealt with as necessary.

But under it all my spine feels like its crumbling, 24/7. Some days more than others, and those days I feel incapacitated, unable to achieve the simplest thing from this chronic pain. I first hurt my back at 16/17, will dancing I knocked something out of place. I did a different move, clicking it back in, but was in excruciating pain,radiating around to my ribs. I went to the dr, who said I had put whatever it was back into place and that the pain would subside when all the muscles relaxed. But as the years continued, this injury sporadically kicked up, and I quietly, or sometimes crying my eyes out, just wait til it subsided,each time! 

At 22 I gave birth to my first child, and my second child at 23. Both prenancies were so very painful as regards my spine. I also have hypermobility, my joints are a bit loose or over stretchy, and when I became pregnant it was as though my spine lost every bit of strength, and ached constantly and basically has not stopped since. My pelvis felt demolished(as it does for many women after carrying the weight of a child on top of it and subsequently shoving said child out of that pelvis!), the original injury unbearable, and the added neck issue!! 
I went to a chiropractor to no avail, if anything he worsened the problem. And I undertook Pilates during my second pregnancy, which helped to a point, and which I even took an online Pilates trainers course in so I could continue to use the exercise efficiently at home as much I can, but still the issue continues. I have not progressed to stretchy fitness mogul levels as my range of painless otion is limited, and as a rule with Pilates you do not push into pain! The stretches I do therefore limited, as I don’t want to cause more damage. 

 I more recently went to a newer chiropractor, and she was wonderful, definitely better than the first guy, but still I found that while it brought an element of relief that was all it brang, and for short periods. 
But yeah, my entire spine feels shit. And my doc is sending me for a cervical spine (neck) mri, as this neck swells and crunches, pops, cracks, ka-dunks, constantly! Recently I have been getting weird dizziness from it, so the mri will hopefully show exactly what we are dealing with here!
Regardless of scans, I have hypermobility, so this is something that will have to always been dealt with and maintained. Which can feel like a horribly daunting prospect because seriously being in consistent pain is a fucking shit buzz!! And nobody can see the pain so I feel stupid expressing it. Because none of these words express it correctly! Because of the hypermobility, I can move, but I also over extend every movement without realising, creating crunching and strain and general yuckiness. With the neck it radiates up into the head. If you have chronic back pain you get it, if you don’t I’m sorry if my description doesnt do it justice.
I am small in stature, so painkillers every day just is not an option. When I feel its at its extreme, I will take medication, but otherwise I live with the pain, taking raw garlic for inflammation, doing whatever a mother has to do, doing gentle stretches when possible,with this massive under current of physical pain constantly, daily, which can play on your mental health, can be very depressing, and therefore I must help the issue.
The garlic & tumeric etc helps the inflammation, the smoothies and good nutrition gives the body all the support it can to repair, which also help keep the stress levels even(Im premenopausal also so this is a great help for hormonal stuff!) and that’s all that can be done. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, will show up on the mri, will there be degeneration or damage from years of things moving in & out of place, or not! If nothing shows up I’ll feel slightly insane because the pain has been so intense for so long, progressively feeling worse even with maintenance. 
So there you have it, holistic advocates have real lives too, things happen in their body too, just like you and I. Everything is a process, we all start somewhere & are eternally learning! What I find is that all the nutrional support, and the cognitive mindfulness, being aware of and putting attention on the many good things instead of only focusing on the back pain, its the only way. While it can feels hugely overwhelming at times, I have it good, I have a home, a family, friends, food, etc, all the essentials that many don’t, so I’m doing ok, even if pain is present while I’m doing it!! That’s how I keep my sanity.

Lastly, here’s my 2 favourite smoothies for back pain & inflammation:

1:Tumeric Smoothie

Tastes mildly sweet with a zing!
Handful kale

1 med orange



2 tsp tumeric powder 

1tblspn honey


Sunflower seeds

Water to mix

2: Spinach/Kale berry smoothie

Handful of Kale

Handful of Spinach




Tblspn sunflower seeds

Tblspn walnuts

2tblspn porridge oats

Water to mix
So that’s it for this time.
How you manage an ailment holistically, I’d love you to share!!!

When You Have Lots of Zuchinni…….

Courgettes/Zuchinnis,fresh outta the ground!

In my parents garden, we have a family vegetable patch. We have done since I was young. We always had berry bushes, gooseberries, red berries, and grew spuds and cabbage because we are pure irish like that and there must always be a supply of spuds & cabbage!

Me posing with sunflowers in the veg patch!
Now, thanks to mainly the hard work of my  artist/queen of the green fingers & her farmer/fireman partner in crime, there’s all sorts growing out there for the whole family to enjoy. Scallions, beetroots, tomatoes, courgettes[zuchinnis], carrots, cauliflower, sweet peas, apples, pears, and of course spuds & cabbage! The grandkids (my other sister’s children & my own children) have thoroughly enjoyed tending to the patch every time they visit Nanny & Grandas’s. And it has been such a treat for them to help dig out or pick fresh food and bring it home to cook. 

Look at us there, enjoying the aul veg patch!

Of course they are kids, and so some of the recipes either one child loved & one child didnt love so much, some they both disliked and some they both loved. Kids and food, it all depends on the day! But my other half & I have adored everything we have cooked from these glorious veggies, just delectable!!!

Courgette from parent’s garden, mint from my garden!

Today was a day I needed to try something new, to use some of the many courgettes! I also wanted something that was relatively simple to prepare as I didn’t feel like pulling my hair out after loads of effort if Both kids hated it!!! So I asked google, and google said Frittata!!! I used this recipe from Bbc goodfood  and it turned out delicious first time. The recipe calls for mint, which I have growing in my garden, and courgettes which it is clear I had many, and of course spuds, because, ya know-Irish!


It was an absolute hit with me, hubby & son(7), daughter wasn’t impressed with the courgettes but ate most, and that for me ladies & gentlemen is a frickin win!

Til Next Time,

Love & Light,

Mai.xxxx ❤

The Finger Incident!

Hello and Welcome!

This time I want to talk about a bit of holistic first aid, as I recently had an incident with my finger 🤕. 

So, Everyone approaches everything their own way. For instance, with holistic living, some people are not into it at all, some live by it, but even within that there are still differences if you’re on the “side”, so to speak! You could not believe in holistic approaches but live your life totally differently to aomeone who is also not into it. The same is true of people who live “holistically”. For some, holistic means Completely au natural. For others, like myself, it is more inclusive. I absolutely believe there is a place for modern/western medicine, I’m not “anti-medicine”! I try to take responsibility for my & my family’s health by eating well and learning how the foods we eat interact with our bodies.

Now, before we go on, let me just point out that I am in no way perfect, I’m not one of these gleaming health goddesses!!! I am a regular mom, my house is not show house clean all the time, I am clean all the time, lol. I eat take aways, to comfort myself after a long ass week like every regular mom, so any tips I give here are totally achievable, even for master procrastinators😄

I digress!!! Basically, how ever you’re doing things, as long as it feels good snd in balance to you that’s all that matters. For me, understanding how the food we eat interacts with the body felt right to me. Now, I don’t know the Exact sciences off the top of my head but I know if you eat this you poop, eat too much of this ya won’t poop, drink this and hives will go away etc. So luckily, when the finger incident happened I knew what to do! 

At Easter, as mentioned in a previous blog, my friend’s house burnt down. This friend & her family lived directly across from our house. Soon rebuilding will start, and they have this FABULOUS flower bed by their front door. I don’t know if you know this, but I fricking LOVE plants. Like my house being “lived in”, my garden is not perfectly landscaped, because who has the time with 2 kids, am I right?! But I have some glorious flowers in my garden, huge hydrangeas, lovely lilies, noble nigellas, romantic roses! So my neighbour said take whatever you like from the flower bed before the build starts because the flower is going to get wrecked anyways…off I went across the road with another neighbour giving me a hand. We dug out a few plants, being careful to clear the ground around where we worked of broken tiles & glass, because as I said, burnt down house!! As I started to dig the last one (with one of those hand held fork things), my neighbour headed back to her house to take dinner out of the oven because #momlife! As I worked on this plant, I was thinking this one is a bit more difficult, I might leave it. But I didn’t. I kept trying to get it out of the ground. All of a sudden the ground gave way and a large piece of glass sliced my finger. 

These moments can go a number of ways, I know @therealdealirishmam
would most likely faint immediately :-! For me, everything stopped. All thoughts kinda shut off. It was snapshots. I felt the pain, looked down and saw a teeny tiny bit of blood on the glass, dropped tools and grabbed my bleeding finger tightly, hopped over the little wall while me heart was beating out of my chest. The last time I was cut this badly was 16 nearly 17 years ago wgen a dog bit my eye, but that’s a different story for a different day. In a weird mix of panic and numbness I ran across to my husband, who’s birthday it was by the way!! 

Any of you who are parents know the beautiful feeling of your child/ren being entertained with a game or activity, engaged in something safe, where you can sit woth them in a relaxed state, maybe have some shut eye, not sleep but close the eyes. Well this was hubby at that moment, chilled out with the kids when in I come, disrupting the peace with my white as a ghost face. 

And here’s where the first aid came in. Years ago a friend of ours from Goya showed us how tumeric in a deepish cut can stop the bleeding, sterilize the wound and basically bomd the wound. Sounds a bit nuts, sure, but we have uses it on minor cuts and it works brilliantly. Off to the kitchen we went, he grabbed the tumeric from the press and I had to remove my left, very muddy, hand from my very bloody finger, peel would the correct term as I was squeezing so tightly to stop the bleeding. Well, I was not prepared for what I saw….the bleed literally came out like a thick curtain, flowing it not a strong enough word. He poured the turmeric, and it kept bleeding, so he kept pouring. An entire pack of tumeric. Then I grabbed a towel, wrapped wnd squeezed the finger again.

This incident is the perfect example of how holistic can mean ALL inclusive. With my wrapped finger, bloodied tshirt & shorts, looking like something from a horror movie (I felt!) I waddled down to my neighbour who’d been helping me dig. She rang the doctor, because, like as I said, soooooo much blood!

I arrived at the gp, and the nurse cleaned the wound in prep for stitches. I explained the orange stain and powder was tumeric, and explained Why tumeric was there. She washed the wound and commented how amazing it was that the wound wasn’t bleeding. When the gp came in she gushed to him, holding up my hand, “look, it’s not bleeding!tumeric she put in it” Gp says “hmmmm, I’ve heard of it for other things but never for stopping bleeding,interesting”

It’s day ten, and I cannot believe how well this wound has healed, and I honestly think the cleaniness is due to the initial application of tumeric. The natural first aid, followed by regular first aid in the shape of stitches, waI the ideal treatment in this case. The finger is still sore, and still within the healing process, but soon enough it will be back to full functionality, and I look forward to it. It’s unreal how uncoordinated you become with one busted finger!

Be grateful for your appendages folks!

Love From Mai xxxx ❤

Sugar: How much is Too much?


Over the last few years, we have seen more and more studies sharing their different findings of the many implications of an  over indulgence of the sugary kind.  Dental decay, obesity, diabetes, we know all this, it is old news, heard it!

Some of us try to downsize our sugar margin by using less sugar in our tea for instance, or drinking less sodas, eating less treats. And then we feel hard done by, resigned to blandness (which is absolutely not the case, there are innumerable delicious, balanced recipes out there). Slowly but surely the sugary stuff creeps back onto the scene and, before we know it, we are back where we began. Eating continuously something that we know is not great for us.

This cycle continues, and it has become apparent that we must change our relationship with sugar. Through research we will find a multitude of negatives as result of sugar consumption. It is not only obesity and diabetes we have to consider here, there is more! Although realistically speaking these ailments can be severely harrowing in their own right. With obesity our internal organs can become strangled by fat, interfering with proper functions. Your entire internal system is as much under pressure as your spine is with the weight!!

Many of us might believe that if we are not physically obese that we are safe, but the truth is, if you are eating large quantities of sugary foods then your body is over stocked, it can’t burn off the excess, and therefore turns the sugar into fat for storage. This a primitive function, from our ancestral genetics; food would not have been so easily accessible, and so the body would store up extras for the day you go without, or fasting as we in the well fed world call it! Because of this, if you take in more sugar than you burn off then you will store it, and if you don’t look overweight this fat may be stored on the outer walls of your organs, which is not good!!

This also means that you are still susceptible to diabetes without having the outward appearance of obesity. Diabetes has several levels of severity, from minor, having to watch your blood sugar levels, to severe like amputations or hypoglycemic attacks. Your blood sugar levels can impair your brain functions. Because our brain is forever learning, reshaping itself, creating and creating new neural pathways because of repetitive behaviours, if you (even as a non diabetic) repeatedly impair your brain functions by way of too much sugar, you are creating irregular function pathways in your brain. Your brain is learning to function in a fog of sugar; essentially you can eat yourself into a dementia.

Other studies have shown that sugar is also an aggravator of cancer cells, feeding the cells and creating the perfect sustainable environment that cancer cells need to thrive. All of these factors completely changed my mindset towards sugar. It is not something that can be brushed under the table anymore, I personally refuse to eat myself sick.

You may have looked into this already and feel as though sugar is unavoidable. All pre prepared meals have suger added, condiments, even fruit juices, yoghurts, medicines! They all have added suger. And even the no added sugar products have non natural sweeteners, which have the same if not more negative effects as any refined sugar.

So how do we avoid it? Well yes, I would advise that you stop buying refined sugars, you could, for example, add honey and maple syrup to teas and baking for natural sugary sweetness.
Make food from fresh produce. Fresh, whole foods can still have carbohydrates and starch, which turn into sugars after eating, fruits have naturally occurring sugars, honey and maple syrup too! So you can not avoid sugar! But you can avoid refined sugars. These have a much higher energy content as it is essentially sugar concentrate. While certain foods such as pastas, breads, rice, etc, are carbohydrates, white grains turn into sugar in higher amounts than brown grains would. Substituting white grains for brown will bring done your sugar intake.

As mentioned, a lot of good food have naturally occurring sugars, but I’m going to let you in on a secret. Imagine you have a big jug of orange juice for instance, and you had been on a long distance run, how much of the jug of juice could you finish? If it was me, probably All of it… Now imagine the same scenario but you have a pile of ten massive oranges in front of many oranges do you suppose you could eat? 2 maybe? 3 or four at push perhaps? Then you wouldn’t be able to have any more. The jug had the sugary juice of at least 20 oranges, and you could drink a huge amount of that! Why? Well with the orange fruit you’re getting all the fleshy, pulse of the orange, which contains fibre. Fibre helps break naturally occurring sugars with ease and efficiency.

What does this show us? That our relationship with sugar needs to as all our relationships Should be – balanced and mindful! If you have sugary foods, accompany it with high fibrous foods, water, and maintain a healthy active lifestyle, from simply taking daily walks and performing simple stretches, swimming, running, rick climbing, yoga, whatever your personal life warrants you to engage in!

I hope this article will get you thinking about sugar with a healthier mindset, and make your relationship with sugar a one that can be enjoyed without eating yourself sick!

In love & Wellness,

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