Hello and welcome to Mai Holistic Life.
For many years now, I have had a massive interest in natural methods of maintaining health, and have found through self study and practice,that food and mindfulness are by far the strongest cornerstone in a Healthy Life.
I have choosen to begin this blog, to share the food hacks I have learnt along the way, and experience s I have had. Understanding how my own behaviours work, and how food works with the body has saved me many a break down and many a trip to the Doctor! And amazingly, my beautiful children have never needed a trip to the Doctor, because these food hacks have helped support their immune system to a point where, so far, they have been able to get over sickness within a couple of days.
Part of my “holistic” life is homeschooling my Kids. My partner and I choose to homeschool at present because we thoroughly enjoy being involved in their growth and learning,and have the Opportunity to do so,so we ran with it! Inevitably there will be homeschooling tips and proud moments shared here, and Maybe some of you will be inspired to try out some of the wonderful little Projects we will share!
Thanks so much for stopping by,
Til next Time,
Mai.xxx ❤