wpid-img_20150905_233137.jpgHello and welcome Back to Mai Holistic Life!
Today I will share my very first #wellness #tip!
Smoothies are one of my favourite wellness hacks.
Many of us lead hectic Lives.Many of you work long hours, perhaps even long commutes.
So where can we all find the time to fit in healthy eating, that’s impossible, Right?
If you had asked me this question 8 yrs ago I would have most probably said “ah sure, I dont eat too bad!”. I wouldn’t have even recognized that the food I ate was not doing my body a service!
Now, I can Proudly tell you all, it really IS simple! You honestly can have a healthy food intake, without taking up all of your spare time, without breaking the bank, but definitely with many benefits!

Which Brings us to #SMOOTHIES! What an ideal way to get some, if not all, of your 5 a day. Smoothies are my go to guys, they are a quick, simple way to add variety to my daily nutritional intake, and with no fuss & minimal mess, Hurray! I mean, 1 blender cup to wash & loads of goodness, yes please 🙂
The joy with making smoothies is you can adjust them to suit your personal tastes and needs, so really you can’t go wrong.
If you are a Smoothie Virgin, you can try my personal favourite, which is pictured. This smoothie is a great starter recipe as it is super sweet & tasty, which will show the beginner that not all Healthy Drinks are nasty,green& icky, like I used to think 😛
My ingredients:
Spinach (The hidden super green)
Milled seeds(can be sourced in most supermarkets&health stores)
juice(I use Pressed orange or apple juice. If you have your own juicer you can make your own juice for smoothies too)

Drinking smoothies is better than drinking juices, as smoothies retain all the fibrous components, which aid the body in breaking down the nutrients in an efficient manner & pace.
This recipe is Packed full of
Anti oxidants, Vitamins, omegamoils, and iron.
It is the perfect smoothie for the changing weather too,as blueberries support the immune functions.
Mai.xxx ❤