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I'm sure by now many of you have seen positive reviews about the many benefits of Coconut Oil, from digestive health to anti fungal treatment. This time, I've decided to share my own personal Top 20 tried & tested uses for coconut oil.

Tip: To optimize Health Benefits, always buy Raw Virgin Coconut Oil that has been Cold Pressed. 🙂

1. Athletes Foot: Coconut oil works wonders on Athletes foot. It soothes & heals the painful cracking skin that occurs between and under the toes, while also clearing the infection with its antibacterial qualities.

2. Cooking: Substitute your regular cooking oils with coconut oil. When frying foods,  we should use fats that are solid at room temp, such as coconut oil. It can also be
eaten raw or added to smoothies to promote good digestive functions. Perfect constipation cure!

3. Cradle cap: Coconut oil can be rubbed into babies scalps to loosen the dry skin that is cradle cap. After applying the oil, gently rub the scalp with a baby hair brush,followed by a towel. Repeat
daily as necessary.

4. Dental care: Used in the same manner as a mouth wash or a tooth paste, this oil's antibacterial properties promote oral hygiene, alongside tooth whitening. I also
use it to sooth & heal canker sores (Mouth Ulcers).

5. Deodorant: Applied alone or mixed with essential oils, this oil behaves as an excellent natural
deodorant, perfect for the most
sensitive skins!

6. Diaper Rash: There are many creams & lotions for nappy rash, but coconut oil is twice as effective and way more gentle.

7. Exfoliating scrub: Take some coconut oil, some pink Himalayan rock salt/sea salt, mix together, et

8. Lip balm: Apply directly to lips or mix with aloe vera first for an excellent, moisturizing lip balm, which will also clear up cold sores if needed.

9. Lubricant: That's right, lube! Raw coconut oil is Au Naturale, so less chance of irritation than with brand name sexual lubricants. 😉

10: Moisturiser: Replace expensive moisturizing creams with this wonder oil! It also moisturises your hair if used in place of conditioner when showering.

11. Nipple Cream: During breastfeeding, nipples can become raw & chaffed. Yet again, coconut oil is a hero! It is safe to use while nursing and has no hidden ingredients that your baby will ingest, unlike many nipple creams!
12. Oral thrush: It is common for some babies to get oral thrush, and coconut oil is a great, gentle treatment you can use.

13. Perineum: Applied to the perineum in the weeks leading up to childbirth, it can potentially protect against perineal tearing. I also used it post natal for perineal healing.

14. Psoriasis: You will find massive improvement in symptoms if you start using coconut oil on skin affected by Psoriasis or other skin issues.
Symptoms will decrease if used daily.

15. Stretch Marks: Applied in the manner as when moisturizing, coconut oil can prevent and greatly diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

16. Sunscreen: I was weary about this one,but when I tried it I got no burn at all, unlike when I use brand name sunscreens which I always
get burnt through!

17. Tattoo care: I have 6 Tattoos, some large, some small, and I found coconut oil to be the most effective after care,helping the tattoo to heal well and maintain vibrancy.

18. Vaginal Health: Coconut oil is so gentle it can be used as a lubricant, and can also clear up vaginal thrush, treat vaginal dryness and promotes cervical health.

19. Vapor Rub: Mixed with freshly picked and crushed mint leaves, or Tea tree/Eucalyptus essential oils, coconut oil creates an effective natural vapor rub.

20. Wound Care: From cuts and scrapes to Minor burns and scalds, when applied after cleaning the wound with warm salt water, coconut oil will keep the effected area clean and moist, which is necessary for healing. For major injuries always consult your Doctor.

I hope you find these tips useful.:-)

Til next Time,
Love & Light, ❤

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