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°Ssshh, Women’s Talk!! (reproductive health)°

Welcome back to Mai Holistic Life! Yesterday, my sister gave birth to my second nephew (her second son). This joyous news has inspired me to write about Female Reproductive Health. ❤

There are a few natural things I have at the ready at all times, and some that helped me through pregnancy. I will give tips for Pre, ante, and post natal care.

Pre natal:
Pre Natal is basically any time we are not pregnant and we have a menstrual cycle. There are so many different variations of this process. We have amenorrhea, dysmenorhea, endemetriosis; Fancy names for bad periods, barely to non-existent periods, periods that are super extra bonus periods because lining has decided to grow on the Outside of the uterus too!
That is only the tip of the iceberg; we get symptoms too, pms, cramping, anemia, migraines, spots, the list is endless!
For me, Raspberry Leaf Tea is the menstrual saviour! The properties in the tea work alongside the body to even out menstrual hormones, so can help alleviate most common symptoms. Add some chamomile to the tea and you have a super tea, as the chamomile is a relaxant, an anti spasmodic, therefore being known to help menstrual pain. I can’t stress enough how plenty of water helps. Just like the rest of your muscles, your uterine muscles need hydration too, dehydration can worsen menstrual cramps!
You might notice the natural sanitary pads, I have been using these since I became pregnant,when I used maternity pads from the same brand. I absolutely swear by them. Being 100% cotton, containing no synthetics whatsoever, I know my parts are in safe hands! At times, I cheap out & get regular pads, and my god do I notice the difference!! Because of these lapses, and because I want to bring my outgoing waste to a minimal level, I have long since considered reusable, washable menstrual pads. When I do eventually get some I will let you know what I think. 😉
Lastly, coconut oil. When I use regular pads i get thrush(why do i keep going back ill never understand!). There are over the counter pessaries creams I have tried, live yoghurt does not even work for me and I am Clearly not against trying natural options! What does work for me personally is coconut oil! That’s right,coconut oil for your Lady parts! Whether it’s thrush, vaginal dryness, irritation, all those things we never mention, coconut oil sets it right for me.

Ante natal:
Ante Natal is the time in which we are pregnant. Again, water and hydration is vital. Our organs are moving position, we dont want to put them under any extra pressure with dehydration! Folic acid rich foods such as asparagus, avocado, cashew nuts, celery,oranges, should be added as it is essential for gestation. Foods such as beans (ie: aduki, butter, Kidney beans), blueberries, chickpeas, fresh coriander/cilantro and lentils are excellent glucose control foods, and may protect against gestational diabetes.
So, I’m back to coconut oil! And almond oil!! These two beauties kept me predominantly stretch mark free on my belly during & after preg (Although I have a Lifetime of stretchies on my inner thighs that I have never bothered attacking with these oils.).
Now, a few things to avoid! We know the basics, but here’s a few you may not know about. Ylang ylang and rosemary oil are said to promote labour (and therefore miscarriage). Raspberry leaf tea is an excellent Pre & post natal aid, but is to be avoided in pregnancy as the components can soften the cervix & are known to induce labour.

Post natal:
Whether we have a vaginal delivery or a Caesarian delivery, there will be parts of us that are raw and need to heal, whether it’s stitches from sections or Episiotimies, or the tiniest scratch from a Babies fingernail on the way out (Yes!True story) there will be delicate bits for sure. My one and only tip is salt water bath. I prefer to use pink Himalayan rock salt or sea salt, as both of these are purer in their configuration & have extra minerals still in take. Salt water baths, with no added extras, will really soothe any stings or aches, while also helping to keep the wounds sterile, staving off infections.
Finally, if nursing your Baby, you may in the early stages develop Mastitis. Nursing, itself, can actually clear the problem at times, but Midwives will also suggest you put chilled cabbage leaves inside your bra. While this does work, do not use leaves at all times as it can diminish your milk supply, so only use for an hour at a time, up to four times a day.

Best of luck to all you beautiful women
I hope you enjoyed reading,
Until Next Time,
Love&Light. ❤

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