Hello & welcome Back to Mai Holistic Life.

Over the years of learning how to eat healthily, I have had to visit the Doctor less and less, and found that more and more people began to approach me, asking how would I deal with this ailment or that unwellness with food, because they were inspired to gain the knowledge of natural wellness that I have self learnt and try it out for themselves.

My approach is holistic, all inclusive. I attack “dis-ease” with food, exercise and mindfulness.

Good daily nutrition will keep your immune system up to spec, and if any ailment occurs your body will, more often then not, be able to fight off then sickness. Exercise keeps all the muscles supple, and promotes good cardiovascular functions. Exercise doesn’t have to be a massively arduous routine either. I use Pilates stretches, which are less contorted than yoga poses, gently stretching out the muscles and thus strengthening them. This will align your spine, which allows your organs the space to sit comfortably and function correctly.

People mostly ask me what food I use for wellness, and for a lot of things at least one of the answers is garlic, and this is what I am going to elaborate on. Garlic has many beneficial qualities, and used correctly garlic can be your Best Health Friend!

Garlic has components such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin c. Here is just some of the amazing qualities of garlic :

-Lowers blood pressure

These, among other, properties, mean that garlic can aid many of your bodily functions with super efficiency. The following is a list of ailments/functions that I use garlic to treat/support.

1. Abdominal cramps.
2. Aches.
3. Blood pressure.
4. Cholesterol control
5. Circulation
6. Colds & flu.
7. Constipation.
8. Coughs.
9. Earache/ear infection.
10. Headache.
11. Infections.
12. Nausea/Vomiting.

For most of the Ailments on this list, I personally crush a clove of garlic, chop it finely and swallow it raw with water. Crushing the clove releases the antibiotic qualities. You can also crush the garlic and brew a tea, mixed with tumeric and honey for colds, or muscle spasm relief, working as an an anti inflammatory.
For earaches you can put a crushed clove of garlic into a ramekin of olive/coconut oil, put the ramekin into a dish of hot water to heat the oil slightly, infusing the garlic properties, creating a natural ear drop mix. Then take some cotton wool, dip into the oil/garlic mix and place in your ear, making sure there are no bits of garlic on the cotton before doing so. You can add garlic to smoothies, or meal recipes for health and heart maintenance.

Personally I have garlic almost daily in meals, adding a raw clove 3 times daily if ailment is resent, which can give relief within 20mins (headaches/spasms), to a few days (colds/coughs/flus), and will positively affect your overall health immediately, even uhough it may take a few weeks to notice the difference.

I hope you find these garlic Health tips as beneficial as I do.
Til next Time,
In Love&Wellness, ❤