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This time I want to talk about a bit of holistic first aid, as I recently had an incident with my finger 🤕. 

So, Everyone approaches everything their own way. For instance, with holistic living, some people are not into it at all, some live by it, but even within that there are still differences if you’re on the “side”, so to speak! You could not believe in holistic approaches but live your life totally differently to aomeone who is also not into it. The same is true of people who live “holistically”. For some, holistic means Completely au natural. For others, like myself, it is more inclusive. I absolutely believe there is a place for modern/western medicine, I’m not “anti-medicine”! I try to take responsibility for my & my family’s health by eating well and learning how the foods we eat interact with our bodies.

Now, before we go on, let me just point out that I am in no way perfect, I’m not one of these gleaming health goddesses!!! I am a regular mom, my house is not show house clean all the time, I am clean all the time, lol. I eat take aways, to comfort myself after a long ass week like every regular mom, so any tips I give here are totally achievable, even for master procrastinators😄

I digress!!! Basically, how ever you’re doing things, as long as it feels good snd in balance to you that’s all that matters. For me, understanding how the food we eat interacts with the body felt right to me. Now, I don’t know the Exact sciences off the top of my head but I know if you eat this you poop, eat too much of this ya won’t poop, drink this and hives will go away etc. So luckily, when the finger incident happened I knew what to do! 

At Easter, as mentioned in a previous blog, my friend’s house burnt down. This friend & her family lived directly across from our house. Soon rebuilding will start, and they have this FABULOUS flower bed by their front door. I don’t know if you know this, but I fricking LOVE plants. Like my house being “lived in”, my garden is not perfectly landscaped, because who has the time with 2 kids, am I right?! But I have some glorious flowers in my garden, huge hydrangeas, lovely lilies, noble nigellas, romantic roses! So my neighbour said take whatever you like from the flower bed before the build starts because the flower is going to get wrecked anyways…off I went across the road with another neighbour giving me a hand. We dug out a few plants, being careful to clear the ground around where we worked of broken tiles & glass, because as I said, burnt down house!! As I started to dig the last one (with one of those hand held fork things), my neighbour headed back to her house to take dinner out of the oven because #momlife! As I worked on this plant, I was thinking this one is a bit more difficult, I might leave it. But I didn’t. I kept trying to get it out of the ground. All of a sudden the ground gave way and a large piece of glass sliced my finger. 

These moments can go a number of ways, I know @therealdealirishmam https://therealdealirishmam.wordpress.com
would most likely faint immediately :-! For me, everything stopped. All thoughts kinda shut off. It was snapshots. I felt the pain, looked down and saw a teeny tiny bit of blood on the glass, dropped tools and grabbed my bleeding finger tightly, hopped over the little wall while me heart was beating out of my chest. The last time I was cut this badly was 16 nearly 17 years ago wgen a dog bit my eye, but that’s a different story for a different day. In a weird mix of panic and numbness I ran across to my husband, who’s birthday it was by the way!! 

Any of you who are parents know the beautiful feeling of your child/ren being entertained with a game or activity, engaged in something safe, where you can sit woth them in a relaxed state, maybe have some shut eye, not sleep but close the eyes. Well this was hubby at that moment, chilled out with the kids when in I come, disrupting the peace with my white as a ghost face. 

And here’s where the first aid came in. Years ago a friend of ours from Goya showed us how tumeric in a deepish cut can stop the bleeding, sterilize the wound and basically bomd the wound. Sounds a bit nuts, sure, but we have uses it on minor cuts and it works brilliantly. Off to the kitchen we went, he grabbed the tumeric from the press and I had to remove my left, very muddy, hand from my very bloody finger, peel would the correct term as I was squeezing so tightly to stop the bleeding. Well, I was not prepared for what I saw….the bleed literally came out like a thick curtain, flowing it not a strong enough word. He poured the turmeric, and it kept bleeding, so he kept pouring. An entire pack of tumeric. Then I grabbed a towel, wrapped wnd squeezed the finger again.

This incident is the perfect example of how holistic can mean ALL inclusive. With my wrapped finger, bloodied tshirt & shorts, looking like something from a horror movie (I felt!) I waddled down to my neighbour who’d been helping me dig. She rang the doctor, because, like as I said, soooooo much blood!

I arrived at the gp, and the nurse cleaned the wound in prep for stitches. I explained the orange stain and powder was tumeric, and explained Why tumeric was there. She washed the wound and commented how amazing it was that the wound wasn’t bleeding. When the gp came in she gushed to him, holding up my hand, “look, it’s not bleeding!tumeric she put in it” Gp says “hmmmm, I’ve heard of it for other things but never for stopping bleeding,interesting”

It’s day ten, and I cannot believe how well this wound has healed, and I honestly think the cleaniness is due to the initial application of tumeric. The natural first aid, followed by regular first aid in the shape of stitches, waI the ideal treatment in this case. The finger is still sore, and still within the healing process, but soon enough it will be back to full functionality, and I look forward to it. It’s unreal how uncoordinated you become with one busted finger!

Be grateful for your appendages folks!

Love From Mai xxxx ❤