Courgettes/Zuchinnis,fresh outta the ground!

In my parents garden, we have a family vegetable patch. We have done since I was young. We always had berry bushes, gooseberries, red berries, and grew spuds and cabbage because we are pure irish like that and there must always be a supply of spuds & cabbage!

Me posing with sunflowers in the veg patch!
Now, thanks to mainly the hard work of my  artist/queen of the green fingers & her farmer/fireman partner in crime, there’s all sorts growing out there for the whole family to enjoy. Scallions, beetroots, tomatoes, courgettes[zuchinnis], carrots, cauliflower, sweet peas, apples, pears, and of course spuds & cabbage! The grandkids (my other sister’s children & my own children) have thoroughly enjoyed tending to the patch every time they visit Nanny & Grandas’s. And it has been such a treat for them to help dig out or pick fresh food and bring it home to cook. 

Look at us there, enjoying the aul veg patch!

Of course they are kids, and so some of the recipes either one child loved & one child didnt love so much, some they both disliked and some they both loved. Kids and food, it all depends on the day! But my other half & I have adored everything we have cooked from these glorious veggies, just delectable!!!

Courgette from parent’s garden, mint from my garden!

Today was a day I needed to try something new, to use some of the many courgettes! I also wanted something that was relatively simple to prepare as I didn’t feel like pulling my hair out after loads of effort if Both kids hated it!!! So I asked google, and google said Frittata!!! I used this recipe from Bbc goodfood  and it turned out delicious first time. The recipe calls for mint, which I have growing in my garden, and courgettes which it is clear I had many, and of course spuds, because, ya know-Irish!


It was an absolute hit with me, hubby & son(7), daughter wasn’t impressed with the courgettes but ate most, and that for me ladies & gentlemen is a frickin win!

Til Next Time,

Love & Light,

Mai.xxxx ❤