I am bleeding from my vagina as I write this.
Wombs are absolute fuckin dickheads. There I said it. Chocolate makes it somewhat bareable.

Ok, ok, I know!!! Wombs are amazingly wonderful things that can create life. Magical mystical organs. But also they can create so much unequivocal pain & discomfort! And we women, whether it’s menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, the Aftermath of childbirth or menopause, keep it too ourselves. Many women wouldn’t even vocalise the full extent of the horrors to their female friends when, let me tell you, they Already know because they too have wombs.

Fully healthy wombs that function “correctly” for whatever stage of life your at cause physical and emotional annoyance & discomfort at regular intervals. Wombs that have Any kind of dysfunction cause even more!
So all your gal friends know, it’s not a secret, why do we treat it like a secret!??

For over a year now I’ve been diagnosed as being in premature perimenopause (the actual Change, what most of us refer to simply as menopause). In that time all my hormone checks say yup, menopausal. I didn’t bleed for 6 long months. I thought I was in the home stretch of the year of no bleeding it requires to be classed as having gone Through menopause. Then just before Christmas I started getting sporadic bleeding, every 2 weeks for a few weeks, then none for several weeks, back every two weeks for several weeks, gone again for several weeks. Cue a whole new set of tests to see why!

I am currently bleeding. It feels quite reminiscent of the first few hours of childbirth, painful as fuckin sin!!!
I eat a lot of foods that are menopause appropriate, so I’m all over it, most of the time I’m symptom free, with the occasional mood swing which always shows me something of myself, it’s like a cleansing burst of energy.
But when I bleed, wow, each one is worst than the last.
I’ve tried painkillers, they make me groggy & nauseous, so I stick with menopause appropriate foods. Tumeric is a wonderful antiinflammatory and most often does the job quite well. I make hot milk and add tumeric, cinnamon and ginger, all of which are great pain relievers. Chocolate also releases happy hormones so can give relief. Of course the darker the chocolate the better but right now I’m shoving a Cadbury Whole Nut bar in my face so that will suffice!!


Unfortunately, sometimes nothing works. Like now. And I feel like I would happily pull my own womb out through my fanny. Throw it in the bin. Walk away with what I imagine would be the same kinda relief you get after having a baby. All the heavy aching ouchy horribleness just instantly disappearing. If only!!!!

So that’s my experience of hereditary premature peri-menopause, shit right now, fine most of the time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Here’s some of the natural things that I find most useful for womb related stuff πŸ˜‰:

*Raspberry leaf tea(do not use during pregnancy)
*Chamomile tea
*Lavender (tea or in a diffuser)

Raspberries & raspberry leaf tea support uterine health & function. The tea is not to be used in pregnancy as it softens the cervix & can induce premature labour.
Chamomile & lavender are effective counters for hormone induced sleeplessness , mood swings & depression.
Finally tumeric, ginger & garlic, which are all natural antiinflammatories & painkillers which can alleviate cramps or menstrual tension headaches.

Now, off you go to carry on living with the silent torment we women are never supposed to talk about, bloody wombs πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Til next time,
Mai. Xxxxx 😘

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